Wednesday, April 23, 2oo3

Once again it is in the wee hours of the morning, the sun not quite yet has started to yawn over the murky sky. The night air chilled my skin just a lil’ as I just recently stepped outside to smoke a cigarette………….Well anyways, I just got off the phone with my homeboy, G-Daddy, discussing his arrival for the Timmy’s welcome home party this weekend. Then we talked of the usual: school, our social lives, school, a lil’ bit more bout the party, more school, and ended with a fresh twist of a lil’ more school talk. That’s about all I got to talk to any former class of 2oo2 graduates about any more. But me in G got a some other stuff to chat loosely into mindless crap about. Not much more. But some. I’m finally finished with my first final today. See? Here I go off again on school. My life has gotten toooo boring. I really gotta get plastered this weekend. Which I will. No doubt about that. I feel like it now. But I gotta get out of bed in like 5 hours. Wait…..I’m not even in bed yet. Of course not, I’m never in bed with more time to sleep than like 4 hours every night. I guess that’s what afternoon naps are for. Well bla bla bla…..and bla………That’s bout all I get left to say for the time being. I will spend up useless webspace again tomorrow morning. Until then carpe diem (latin=sieze the day). Once more, another bit of great content. Latin lessons for you so great avid readers Well I bid you good morning. ~greenshady