Thursday, April 24, 2oo3

La la la lala LAAAAAAAAA…………Hello, and GOOD MORNING. What a wonderful day it is. Thurday, no school……..wait, what am I saying? I’ve got a test and some papers due tomorrow morning. Sh*t. Almost a perfect day. Oh well, of course I haven’t even went to bed yet, and it’s really still kind of the night time.

Aaron I wrote you another verse to add to the plethora of mad rhymes I’ve already hit you with.
you ready? here goes………..
Man, you tryin to rhyme with me, you better turn on your thinker /
I’ll drown you out like a country, western singer /
I’ll batter you up & fry you like chicken fingers /
Then tear you up & lick my fingers /
Don’t turn on the oven fan & let your scent linger /
Don’t try & top that cuz my rhymes are a bit cleaner /
I know you jealous your look is getting greener /
I smack you back like a slut whore named Rina /
Then give you an ass whoopin just like Tina /
I’ll let you tumble & fall like playin drunken ‘jenga’ /
Now I’m gone let you go & just give you the finger /

A Picture Of Me Shooting A Bird

HA HA Crackhead! I don’t know what you been sniffing tryin to hang with me. Anyways….Folks. I’ve added some new games. Actually they’re really my first games I’ve had. But they’re new……….Well in a sense. They’re versions of pong. I hope most of you know what pong is. Whether you do or you don’t, you need to go check it out. I’ve added my personal flavor to em’ and there’s a few different versions. So be a pal and go check them out. I really need to think of some words of wisdom to help some of you through the day….hmmmm………cuz I can’t end without some good words of wisdom. Let me think……..AHH HAHH!!.

There are four important words in life: CHEAT, LIE, STEAL, DRINK. If you CHEAT, CHEAT death. If you LIE, LIE about your age. If you STEAL, STEAL someone else’s heart. And if you DRINK, come have one with me.
That will conclude this session of Unexplainable Loss Of Memory On The Web. Signing off….. ~greenshady.