Friday, April 25, 2oo3

This is FCKIN BULLSHT!!! I just wrote like a thousand word essay for my blog here, and then Geocities website was not responding and it lost everything. I’m really pissed right now. But I’ll try and give you the main points of what I was saying.

Big thing first: We’re going to have Timmy’s welcome home party tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Yay! Well it was a whole lot more exciting when I was talking about it before. Well Aaron, what was that bullsht you was saying on the phone with Danny today. You done up and done some stupid sht now. I’m about to go off on your ass.

You tryin to talk shit, but you won’t say it to my face /
My rhymes hit so hard they’ll knock your limbs out of place /
They’ll sting your ass worse than the generic butt paste /
You against me? That’s an open shut case /
You’ll feel my blow when the ground hits your face /
You think that’s bad, it was just a lil’ taste /
I hope you understood all that /
Cuz my words were comin fast /
I tried to keep it simple enough for your low-class ass /
You think your bigger than me? You thinkin in the past /
Oh wait b*tch, back then I was still rollin first class /
Your rhymes were slower than dixie barr in a full body cast /
I be flowin from here to Cali, back up to U. Mass /
And down to H-Town with 500 elbows of grass /
If Timmy was here I’d let you rub his ass /
Since neither of you are here you stupid spazz
I’ll give you a picture worth ten thousand words to make it last /

Oh wait……..I don’t think I can put that pic on here. Geocities might take my site down if I show Timmy’s ass. It would’ve been funny though. Well I guess I’ll let ya’ll see a picture of JC, Garrett, and Alf from my apartment here one night.

Alf, Garrett, & JC

Cool pic huh? Yep, we’ve had some good times here, and lots of other places. That’s the only good time we’ve had with Alf though. Usually he stays hung by a noose in front of Timmy’s door. I’m going to have to show a picture of that one day. It’s pretty cool. Well anyways, I guess I need to end with some words of wisdom: Life is a big b*tch that screws you. So just suck it up, then bend her over and spank it. ~greenshady