Wednesday, April 30, 2oo3

Wellllll……..Helloooooooooo everyone!!! It’s the last happy day of April. Wooohooo!!! And Geocities has been screwing me lately. It takes like a whole day for them to even put up what I might type in the morning. It won’t even show up til that night. And they’ve erased like all my stuff when I tried to save it a couple times. I don’t know when to come write, since they keep giving me the “website not responding” page, and losing my oh so precious work. It’s all for you avid readers. Anyways…..It’s pissing me off to say the least. But for now on, I’m just saving my work on notepad incase it gets erased.

Well enough with all that bullsh*t. I’m officially finished with classes until like August something or another. I only have to final exams left. That deserves another big WaaahOOOO!!!! But that also means I’ll be studying my hiny off for the next few days. I finally got me a job, I am going to be working at the Auburn Grille starting next wednesday. I’m going to be a cook. Yay Me! That means: don’t eat there. You might get sick or something. Okay….Not really. I’m actually a good cook, but I’ll be trained too. I’m just ready to start getting a steady paycheck in. Who knows, I may even get my own domain name this summer. I know I haven’t updated anything in the past week (like add anything in the ‘you’ section). But I figured the various versions of pong would hold you fans of for a while. They’re really fun, if you find a little bit of time to go play them.

Well whatever……I don’t think I’m gone freestyle on you today Aaron. You came up here to party this weekend, so I can’t hold a grudge or anything. Darn! Anyways, homeboy. I ain’t heard from ya much since you left. I guess I’ll prolly get to holla at you this weekend some, since I’m coming home for a few days. Hey! Guess what? I’ll be old enough to get into Grandaddy’s tomorrow also. Yay! Well, I don’t really like that place anyways. Just letting you know. And NOOOO! I’m not going there this weekend either. You can go ahead and tell Clint that too. We can still get plastered though. Hell Yeah!!!

OH well….I guess I need to cap this section off with few words of wisdom for the day. Psychology is all about sex and crazy people. I’ve been through it all, before I got out of high school. So I figure, why do I have to go to class? Okay…..That’s the best I got right now. It’ll be better later. Anyways, I’ll holla. ~greenshady