Aaron Working Like A Mexican Soldier

SoOoOoOoO Sorry, to those avid readers who love this little useless section on the the world wide web. I’ve been really busy lately. I just finished up my last final exam Tuesday. Then I’ve been working the last two days. Well…….I partied last night also. Gotta relieve a little stress. I was pretty wasted last night. Oh Well…..
Aaron…I’ve been thinkin up some new rhymes for you today. I think I might just hit you with a couple of em’

Uh-Uh-Uh /
Your sorry ass works in Dozier /
They got you sewing clothes like a Mexican soldier /
Your two bucks an hour won’t even afford a cup of Foldgers /
You workin so hard you got hemmorroids that look like boulders /
What? You don’t believe me? Just bend over and look at your ass /
You need to pull that tampon out your crack /
Try to talk sh*t to me, I’ll have to smack you back /
With a backhand coming swift and fast /
You haven’t even begun to feel my wrath /
I’ll laugh at you like a H-Town whore when you came to fast /

Sorry crackhead…..I didn’t mean to hit you that hard man. You know I’m just messin around with you with these def lyrics. Aiight….Anyways, let me end this useless section of the Worst Thing To Hit The Internet Since Pop-ups with some words of wisdom. Drinking and Driving isn’t bad. It’s Driving while you’re Drunk that’s bad.
So Long…..So Farewell……..To all you people who have enough useless time on your hands to partake in reading this crap. ~greenshady