Back Then We Was Just Fools

Wassup!!! READER!!! Wooohooo!!! Oh well….I’m just trying to get your attention. I hope I got it now. Guess what? I have a new domain now. Well…it’s in the process. The name of it is dark autumn. The actual address will be , but it won’t be up for a few days. So don’t try that address until for a couple more days. So anyways, it’s gonna be great. Well i’m bored…..So Aaron get ready. I’m about to go off on your ass.

Why haven’t you tried to talk to yo’ boy lately /
Trying to keep our friendship segregated /
Why you making sht so complicated /
I know I be going off on you, and I know you hate it /
You won’t even comeback on me cuz your rhymes are outdated /
You can just sit back and pray that /
You were this man, the one who made it /
Come drink a beer with yo’ boy /
Sit back and let’s smoke a joint /
And eat two boxes of chips-a-hoy /
Laugh our ass off at simple points /
Play backyard football drunk and pull a groin /
What happened to those good ol’ days? Where they goin? /
Remember when Timmy was gone and liquor we was pourin /
Out in the mother f
ckin cold /
Down yo’ dirty ass dirtroad /
Our boy may have been in Texas, but he was with us in soul /
We motha fckin gettin old /
Dawg /
What the hell we gonna do /
I haven’t even thought this sh
t through /
We done got outta of high school /
Back then we was just fools /
Not knowin bout this sht ahead /
Tryin to make a dolla just to buy a loaf of bread /
Missin those H-Town girls givin us head /
Life is dead /
Just hand me a case of Natty’s /
You and me can hang and get sh
tty /
Call up G, Tim, and Danny /
Borrow 20 dollas from my Granny /
Hit the motha f*ckin club /
Tryin to get up on some shnub /
Hit mickey d’s after, and get up on some grub /
Aiight Aiight….Homeboys, I’ll make a toast, To ya’ll with some luv /

Aiight Crackhead…..I guess I couldn’t go off on you today. I was just thinking about the good ol’ days. You know. It’d be nice to go back, but we can’t. I guess I need to end this session with some words of wisdom. Just like always like to do. There’s not a lot of time on this earth to live. So make the best of every moment you have. Whether it’s hanging with your friends, Watching a movie, or Telling someone you love them. Whatever it is…Make the best of it. Farewell….avid readers and others who accidentally stumbled their way into this micro portion of the web. ~greenshady