Going Down To H-Town With Mad Rhyme

Well hello, everyone! I’m so happy! My domain is almost finished up. I’ve still got some files to move, make sure everything is working right, and make a new layout. The resident evil 0 layout is starting to get old. But I have to admit, it is the best layout I’ve ever made. I’m gonna miss seeing it. sob Well Aaron, I guess you finally got me back, check out his g-book entry if you wanna see his mad lyrics. I’ve been getting tired of going off on you lately. I guess I need to start writing about something or somebody else. Aiight Aiight, here goes.

Uh Uh Uh /
I’m comin down to H-town for the next two days /
Fore’ I roll in I gotta stop by work and get paid /
Come down there, find a Highland whore, and get laid /
Stop by pick up Vinnie and Wade /
Go to the Gameroom and play my game /
See Aaron’s ass up there /
Challenge him in a game of pool, he’s gettin scared /
The game I play is rare /
But after that we’ll get drunk and show our ass bare /
Head up T-Roy /
See Clint and da rest of his boys /
Get drunk ass fck /
And ride through the Gump /
Find some Monkey-Town hoes who wanna get crunk /
Pick up two more cases fore’ we ride back through H-Town /
Listenin to some old rap songs while we get down /
Drink a fifth of Crown /
Go down to the football field /
Talk about the old times and how we feel /
Just sittin back tryin to chill and keep it real /
Just like we always do /
Me, my boyz, and the rest of the crew /
What the hell we gonna do? /
I’m a get drunk as f
ck, how bout you? /

Well there it is! Woo-hoo!!! Rhyming is the only thing left to keep my sanity. Anyways, my boy, my crackheads. Here is the final words of wisdom: Give me a paper and pen, so I can write about my life of sin, a couple of bottles of Gin in case I don’t get in. ~Tupac Well that should conclude this edition of Useless Sh*t On The Web. Oh yeah, If I don’t blog, you oh so avid readers, in the next couple of days, it’s because I might not have internet access down in H-Town. So Farewell…….. ~greenshady