Dope Rap, Wine, The Lakers, & The Bulls

Every night I pray, Every step I take, Every move I make, Every single day……..Yeah, Yeah, Uh—Uh…..Oh my bad, just listening to some Puffy. Now it’s time for some Tupac. Oh well, sooooo oh so avid readers, I hope you enjoyed your few days you didn’t have to read the bullsh*t I would’ve been writing on here. I really didn’t do much back home, down there in H-Town. I’m just a little bit ‘out da frame’ right now. Not really, I still got a little bit of a buzz going on. I drank just a tiny bit tonight. Trying to save some room for this weekend. So, if I don’t happen write in the next couple of days, it’s because I’ll be just totally wasted. Aaron, I like what you doing for my site. It keeps me alive with the positive feedback you been giving. The site wouldn’t be up anymore without you. Be sure to remember by this time next week, my new domain will be officially up. Of course, it is called dark autumn. So, I just got a few more files to transfer over there, and finish up my new layout for it. And trust me…..It’s going to be a good one. I believe everyone should like it. Anyways man, I guess I need to keep this freestyle thread going on.

Uh - Uh - Uh /
I don’t know where the hell Danny was at tonight /
I went to visit and ended up drinkin wine /
With the girls upstairs /
And with that boy Charlie pulling jokes out da air /
The lunar eclipse kept me real just to look and stare /
Tryin to get Carolyn naked in the pool was hard /
So I just hopped in my car /
Hit Donahue Drive and knocked on my neighbor’s door /
Drunk a couple Corona’s with my boys /
They tryin to compare the Lakers and Bulls championship teams /
Only fussin bout Kobe bein arrogant cuz he’s livin their dream /
So I’m sittin here chillin wantin to get some ice cream /
Might ride to Wal-Mart, what you think? /
I don’t have a single dish, they all in the sink /
I’m just tryin to deal /
My broke ass can’t even afford a decent meal /
Garbage can filled with two week old banana peels /
Too lazy to do this sh*t /
I just wanna get drunk and see what girls wanna get with it /
But for now I’m bout to get some sleep /
Go count some sheep /
Until I wake up and I have to take a leak /
From this alcohol in me from my head to my feet /
Aiight….Aiight….I might be a lil’ drunk…so I’ll holla /

Oh well…There’s no words of wisdom today, but I will leave some words for me. Bury me smilin with G’s in my pocket, Have a party at my funeral, let every rapper rock it. And let the hoes, that I used to know, from way before, kiss me from my head to my toe. Farewell….All…… ~greenshady