4 Days Of No Rants & Wolverine

Well hello, once again….I’ve been a bad boy lately. I’ve neglected to keep up a healthy dosage of useless rantings here in this little section. Oh well…I hope nobody dies over it. I promise, that I will write more often, if only to keep an account of what’s on my mind. Or something like that. The real problem is that I’ve been partying way too much lately. I think I could make time with work and moving out. But the partying lately has become somewhat excessive. There’s really not much else to do.

I’ve been working on some new ideas for the next version of the site. Here’s the pic I think I want to put on the new layout.

Picture I Drew Of Wolverine

Yeppies…that’s Wolverine alright….*just in case you didn’t know. I was bored tonight and decided I’d draw a picture of him. Only three glorious days left until I move out. I repeat GLORIOUS I can’t wait.

I’m kind of coming up with some ideas for changes in the site. Well……not really….I’m just stuck right now. I’ve lost my originality juice or something. No innovation for me whatsoever right now. Well let’s end this session today with some good words of wisdom: The heart wants what it can’t have…Days go by and I let it pass…Lost words blow away with the wind…Lost love has come to an end… ~greenshady