Version 6.0

Hello… And welcome to my new version of the site big number 6.0!!! It’s not much different from the last version with the look and colors, but I’ve been in a big BUFFY mode lately. I’ve already bought the first four seasons on DVD in the last month and a half. Maybe I should start a Buffy Clique or something soon… Now that I’m thinking about it I will… I’ll start up a design tonight. And release it to the net soon. Well, I’m very busy also. By the way, if you happen to be looking around this site, and some of the links don’t work properly (or anything else for that matter) please just drop me a line about it in the guestbook. I’m hard at work trying to fix everything. I guess I need to end this little section with some useless words of not so great wisdom: Life is only worth living good… ~my roomate: timmy
So Farewell…All ~greenshady

Buffy Picture