New Art, WCA, & Planned All-Nighter

Well it’s almost 7:3o in the morning. And I’m bored out of my mind. I tried to go to sleep at like 4. But I just layed there for like an hour and a half. Since then, I’ve just been checking out people’s websites. I added some new images in the ART GALLERY a little earlier. And people, don’t forget, I just got the WEBSITE CHOICE AWARDS up and running. So go now and nominate yourself in a few categories. And be sure to let others know. That way you’ll have some competition, and somebody to vote for you when that time comes around. So GO NOW and NOMINATE AWAY! Now, I’m wondering if I can stay up all the rest of the day, and not sleep until tonight……It’s a thought….I mean, I didn’t wake up yesterday until like 2 in the afternoon. That oughta give me enough to go on. Oh well. I guess I’m about to go surf the net a little more. ~greenshady