Picture Gallery, WCA, Actor Guild

I didn’t get to go to class this morning…I couldn’t find the key to my car. Kind of sucks, cause we were having a test review today. That would’ve been easy, and I would’ve learned something. Oh well…

I added a PICTURE GALLERY Link No Longer Available today. So go check that out. I also changed the nominating form on the WEBSITE CHOICE AWARDS Link No Longer Available. Go NOMINATE yourself now! I’ve had 18 people sign the guestbook since I first posted the awards. Not a single one of those 18 people have signed up for an award. I’m starting to wonder if people even look around any on my website. If you don’t, then don’t bother signing the guestbook. See? Simple, Isn’t It? ~greenshady

website updates:

EXPAGERS EXPOSED Link No Longer Available
PICTURE GALLERY Link No Longer Available
I’m a MEMBER AT ACTORGUILD.com Link No Longer Available <– See My Page.