Wednesday, March 24, 2oo4

It’s been three days now since I’ve written. I know. I’ve just been really busy. And in my spare time, watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fifth season on DVD. I registered for my fall 2oo4 schedule yesterday. For all you weird ones, who wanna know what life is like for me, here it is:

Engineering Physics I
Engineering Physics I Lab
Calculus I
Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Engineering Lab
Introduction to Computer Science
Engineering Orientation

Yes, it will be my third year of college, and I’m just taking intro courses. But I’ve just changed majors. Plus, I’m only getting 12 credit hours for all those classes. And I have to actually put in like 18 hours worth of class time. That’s a little unfair. Anyways, hopefully I be back to blog later tonight. I’ve got to get ready for class. ~greenshady