$75 & School Work

Alright…It’s a little later than I expected. To write that is. My mom offered me like $75 to babysit my little brother and sister Sunday night until Wednesday night. So I had to stay home a little longer. Friday and Saturday nights, I partied pretty hard with some friends from back home. So I guess I could say that I had a good time.
Anyways, with the site, I know I haven’t done much work. Hence, being home, without internet access. I even promised to have a Kate Beckinsale or Penelope Cruz layout up, but I’ve been having second thoughts on that whole thing. I’m currently working on some other ideas. So, maybe I’ll have one up by the end of the weekend. Not likely, though. Definitely some time next week. I’m just so busy, I’ve got a lot of Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry homework and a test in that class on Tuesday. Plus I have a Hospitality Law paper due on like April 13, that I haven’t even started on. Yes, I have to start on papers early now, since I’m not in high school. College is quiet different. And Harder. Well Whatever…I might be pulling an all-nighter tonight so I may be back to blog later. But until I rant once more, So Long. ~greenshady