Cordelia Wire Lay & Fanfic Idea

I’m back…Bored…And tired of studying for my Math test tomorrow…Well, I have an idea for the site. I think I should write a fanfic on each character that I do a layout for. I been thinking that would be a neat concept to go along with “The Buffy Series” site version I’m currently doing. It would be hard though. I would want to finish a fic for that particular character before I put a new layout up. So that would slow the progression of layouts. Anyways, I already have the next layout done…almost. But here is the PICTURE for it. It is my Cordelia layout. Just tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Yes folks, I am now doing a comment page for people who like to ramble on about anything I have to say in this blog area. No it’s not my GUESTBOOK. You can leave any other things there. I don’t know if this comment thing’s gonna be that great. But, hopefully, I’ll have some things worth commenting on in this area soon. So we’ll see how it goes. Oh well…If you’re on the site around the time this blog is done, then you might be able to comment, if you so feel the need to. But until I rant again…Farewell All… ~greenshady