Tuesday, April 6, 2oo4

Well here’s the new layout! All done and purtied up huh? Anyways, I’ve been hard at work on my new site now. Well it’s a little different. It’s kind of like a Newspaper / Fansite / Buffy & Angel Fansite / Zine / Group type thing. But it is called THE SUNNYDALE JOURNAL. So go check that out. I think it would be worth your time. In other news…I may be closing down Website Choice Awards. It depends on how many nominations there are in the next few days. I’m just not getting enough. Anyways, I hope you like the Cordelia layout. I’ll have to write the next piece of fanfiction soon. It will continue from The Beginning Of A Dawn (Chapter 1) and proceed into chapter 2. The main story is all about Dawn. But since I said I would write a fic about each character that I make a layout for, then the focus of chapter 2 will be on Cordelia as a part of Dawn’s storyline. Oh well…I’ll be back sometime. Probably later tonight or tomorrow. ~greenshady


The Beginning Of A Dawn (Chapter 1)

Possible new layouts:

<a href=target=“/art/images/JustBuffyLay.jpg“ title=“Buffy Image Designed By Justin Tadlock” rel=“external”>Buffy