Wednesday, April 7, 2oo4

I probably failed my Precal Alg/Trig Test yesterday. Yep…Bombed it big time! At least half of it is a take home test, which is due Friday. I pretty much have to make like 100% on it to even pass the test altogether. Oh well…Guess I’ll have to do better next time. Not ‘Guess!’ I know I’ll have to do better. Well whatever. The Sunnydale Journal is coming along alright at the moment. I was going to put a little more work into it last night, but the cable company decided they wanted to do maintenance yesterday. So my internet connection fluctuated off and on for like 6 hours. Thank you Charter Communications! But it’s been doing good here in the last few hours. You know, I’ve been wondering what people (who might actually read this blog) are thinking about the times of the day this odd guy writes. Well, if you’re wondering, (I may have mentioned once in an earlier blog) I’m an Insomniac. Seriously…Well not really…Okay, I may be…At least I have been lately. I just can’t sleep half of the time. But I’m usually so delirious that I can’t function the other half. Anyways, I’m about to go, cause fairly soon, I will actually be going to bed. ~greenshady