Friday, April 9, 2oo4

Hello…All…I’m just sitting around on the internet, like I usually am at this time in the morning. I’ve been trying to finish up a math take-home test, but it’s a little complicated. A TAKE-HOME TEST! Those are supposed to be the easy ones. Oh well. I’ve already failed the in-class part of the test. What’s the other half? I’ll just have to catch up on the last test and the final. Anyways, I’ve been working on some other layout ideas throughout the night. I’ll post em’ below the blog. THE SUNNYDALE JOURNAL site is coming along pretty good. It’s just been slow getting in the amount of people to help out and everything. So the next issue will be delayed a little bit. But that’s okay, since I just put it up a few days ago. So that’s not really bad. I’ve already started getting some affiliates, so, hopefully, that’ll bring in a few more people who are interested. Alright, I guess I’m about to quit this useless rant… ~greenshady

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