Sunday, April 11, 2oo4

Well. Well. Well….I just got through watching “Gothika.” It was alright. Not quite as good as I thought it would be. And I also saw “Matrix Revolutions” earlier tonight. I know. I know it’s kind of late to be seeing it. But after the “Reloaded” I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to see another “Matrix.” Neither the second or third could compare to the first in overall quality. Plus, I think Keanu Reeves should’ve ended his career after “Bill & Ted.” Anyways, I just purchased my domain. I actually had the same one like a year ago. But I just wasn’t ready for a domain then. Now though, I think I’m up to it. It has way more features that I can actually make use of now. It will take time though. The new Website will just be this one running with new and more stuff. Or shall I say better stuff. Anyways, here is the site: Dark Autumn. Right now, I’m just trying to move all my files over, and reorganize them. I actually didn’t realize that I had so many of them. So that will take some time. But, hopefully, in a week or so, I’ll have it up and running at full speed. My other sites, The Sunnydale Journal & The People’s Website Choice Awards will both be hosted there. And I will also be running my art site there also. It will be called Cloud Art. Well…I guess that’s enough talk for now. I have to go work on some more stuff now. ~greenshady