Tuesday, April 13, 2oo4

Hey! My second blog here on the new site! Woo-Hoo! Alright…I would’ve wrote earlier this morning, but I’ve been working on a Hospitality Law paper. Boy! Will I be glad when this term is over. Teachers always wait until the end of the term to hit you with all the hard stuff. Right about the time you’ve already lost all your motivation to do well in school. The time when you’re ready to get out. The time when you wouldn’t write an extra sentence on a paper if it meant the difference between a B or C for that class. If they’d give me all the hard stuff in the first half of the semester, then I’d make all A’s throughout college. No! But they’d rather wait up til’ the point where you’d rather shoot yourself than go to another class! There should be some kind of a law against these things. I wish we were on the quarter system (4 terms a year) than the trimester (3 terms a year) system. I’d probably do better, since I’m always ready to make good grades up to about 3/4 of the way through the term. That’s what me and my roomate, Tim, were discussing about 30 minutes ago. Anyways, I have to go turn in that paper here pretty soon. So, I’ll be back probably sometime very early tomorrow morning… Your webmaster, the man, the mastermind…JUSTIN