Wednesday, April 14, 2oo4

Okay! This isn’t the time when I said I would blog, but, oh well…I just didn’t feel up to it earlier today. I’ve been watching “Buffy” most of the morning. I’ve just been watching the 1st season on DVD, since I’m anxiously awaiting the 6th season. I guess I’ll have to watch all of them over again until then. I don’t have but like two more episodes left of the 1st season anyways. I may go buy the “Angel: Season 2” this weekend. I’m getting kind of bored with no more Joss Whedon work to watch. Well, of course, except for Wednesday’s “Angel,” which, by the way, is tonight. I also bought “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Movie.” Before you say, “YOU DID WHAT!.” Let me explain. I’m writing an article in the 2nd issue of “ The Sunnydale Journal.” The topic is going to be comparing the the movie with the series. I assure you, it will be good. I just wanted to watch the movie once more to help my arguments in my article. That should cover the “why” I bought the movie. Plus, I just wanted it as part of the whole “Buffy” collection I’m building. And it was only like $12. So not too much of an investment. Even though $12 could’ve went to a better cause I’m sure. Yes, I’m definitely sure of it. Anyways, it’s time for me to sign off of this useless area of webspace. Until later, oh so avid readers…Farewell… JUSTIN