Saturday, June 26, 2oo4

know. But I guess I’ve run out of excuses not to write. Like too much school-work. Too much actual work. Or too much broken computer. Those DAMN viruses!!! Anyways, I have been busy with those things for real. And plus, I haven’t had much time to write about anything. OH, GREAT NEWS! Me and my roomy Tim got two free tickets to get into Whitewater in Georgia. So we’re going in like a month! I haven’t worked much on The Sunnydale Journal lately either. I have a few ideas floating around though. I’m thinking about starting a fansite for the show SMALLVILLE also. I just recently bought the first two seasons on DVD, and I’m rating it as one of my favorite shows of all time now. I can’t wait til’ third season comes out, so I can catch up with what’s coming on TV. Anyways, I’d love to stay and ramble, but I’m about to work on some ideas for the new SMALLVILLE site I’ll be making. ~ greenshady