Monday, September 20, 2oo4

Well…I survived Hurricane Francis! Yay! Really though, there wasn’t much damage here in Auburn, Alabama. So it was all good, I guess. Anyways, I’ve worked out all the kinks in the message board, so go ahead and sign up. I need to recruit some more users. It has loads of features. You have your own inbox, signature, and avatar(up to 100x100). There are also tons of other avatars. There are various topics. Too many to discuss here in detail, so you’ll need to check the board out.

I’ve also been working on a film. Right now it’s still in the pre-production phase. It’s for a few film festivals in the spring. Hopefully, if enough people like it, I will turn it into a series. Kind of like a TV Series, but an internet-based series. I would post up a new show like every week or so for a day. Something like that. But that’s all in the future. I just want to do something a little more with this website. The film is titled <a href=“/films/a/APieceOfMyEternalLife“ title=“Now Called A Piece Of My Eternal” Life“> the highland project for right now. I think it will be a great idea. So go check that out also. And let me know what you think. Well…until we meet again…