Monday, September 27, 2oo4

Another week…Another day in the life of Justin Tadlock. Tests, programs, projects…Need I go on? I’ve been a little wore-out from school over the past few days. I need to just relax a little. I haven’t had time to work on my film script over the past week at all. As soon as I get done writing here, I have to go finish a 1200 word paper that I’ve been working on. It’s due tomorrow. I finished my Java program last night, that’s due today. And my Java activities that due Wednesday. Then I have to finish my Java excercises that are due Wednesday. On Thursday I have a World Literature I exam and a Java(Fundamentals of Computing I) Exam. And my week will be about complete. So, I’m definitely going a little crazy over school work. And it’s only Monday! I’ll be like the walking dead by Friday. I’ll be taking a trip home on Friday, to go see the folks, and hang out with some friends. Then the cycle starts all over again. Another week…Another day in the life of Justin Tadlock… ~greenshady