Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Wow!!! I’m actually writing in the ‘pm’ hours! I think the ‘am’ hours were about to become a regular for me. I’ll actually be getting in bed a little earlier tonight.

“So Justin, how’s your day been?”

Well…it had it’s ups and down’s just like any other ol’ day. I got stuck at work for an hour-and-a-half just sitting around. We had 2 tornado warnings, so we had to go down to the bottom floor and just sit there. It wasn’t so bad because (a) I didn’t have to do much work, and (b) I got to stay on the clock while doing it. So that’s a couple of ups and downs. Then I came home and worked on Highland stuff. Another exhilirating day in the life of Justin Tadlock.

Updates:…Not much in the way of site updates, but mostly Highland updates. I played around with the video editor today, and made a couple of preliminary runs for making a trailer for the film. I posted them up in the right column of the page. So check them out. Let me know what you think. I, obviously, couldn’t put any shots in them yet, seeing as how we haven’t began shooting yet. But, I did need to get some practice in with my Roxio Easy Media Creator. I know it’s not the best of software, but, hopefully, it will get the job done come time for editing the film.

Okay, then…That should about wrap things up. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with all new updates and my daily ranting…