Thursday, October 28, 2004

I know…I know…It’s been an entire week. But, I needed a break from things around this website and the film. It’s been overwhelming lately. Plus, schoolwork has already started taking its toll this semester. I’m at the point where I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m just ready to be out for the semester and have a nice long break. So I can shoot the film and enjoy the holidays. Then I’ll be able to start fresh in the winter/spring semester. I’ve actually changed my schedule, again, for spring semester. Here’s how it looks:

World Literature II at 8:00 on MWF
Elementary German I at 9:00 on MWF
Biology II (Survey of Life) at 8:00 on TR
Biology II Lab at 11:00 on R
Political Economy at 9:30 on TR & 10:00 on W

That’s what the schedule looks like so far. I wanted to take Elementary Spanish I, but I wasn’t going to class at 5:00 on Fridays. So, I decided to go with German since it’s widely spoken in Europe. It was either that, French, Greek, or Latin. Since French isn’t spoken as much, and Greek and Latin are dead languages, only useful for studying old texts, it made my decision a little easier. I decided not to proceed with my Java II class. I need an even bigger break from that. I’ll probably still continue to learn after the semester some (so I won’t get rusty), and pick back up with the classes next fall. I just need to hold off on programming classes for a while, and go ahead and start a few classes pertaining to Radio/Television/Film (Mass Communication). I know my schedule doesn’t show it, but I have to have Political Economy & a foreign language for that field. So, I’m going to take that next step into my future career. Let’s just hope I stick with this one…