Tuesday, November 2, 2004

It feels good to have a new look, doesn’t it? It also feels good to be starting a new month, and to have a new slate here in my splash/blog area to write in. The previous month’s was getting kind of full. You can always go check my earlier blogs in the Old Blogs Section. So, how’s school, Justin? Oh, other than my head being ready to explode, everything’s just fine and dandy. I have a load of stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks. Two papers, Two computer programs…Well…Okay, that’s it. Plus all the other weekly stuff I have to do, that I don’t even count anymore. In Java, I just completed a really neat little calculator. It only adds and subtracts, but oh well. You can download it in my new Java section. I plan on updating it gradually to include more math functions (other than the add & subtract). If you have a Java Runtime Environment you can use it. Hopefully, one day I’ll make it into an applet, so people can use it over the web. As of right now, it’s just an application made for running on any computer with the Java Runtime Environment. Anyways, I think that’s enough useless ranting for today. I need to save some for tomorrow don’t I?

Updates…Well, for starters, there’s the obvious: I revamped this whole place, including the Forum. I added the new Java Section. Be sure to check my new program out, if you have a Java Runtime Environment. The Highland section is now redone. Everything’s looking real good. I was planning on putting the final script up for the Highland: Pilot, but due to the website change, I’ll have to hold off on that til’ another day. Okay…I think that’s about it. Other than a few other minor details not worth mentioning. Have fun and enjoy!