Friday, January 7, 2005

I know. I know. It’s been since November 20, since I last jotted down useless information on this little spot on the web. But come on! A guy’s got lots of stuff to do. It was mostly school stuff. Then, me being lazy stuff. I’m not going to sit here and catch my oh so avid readers up on what I’ve been doing the last month and a half. There’s just waaay to much to put into it. And I don’t really feel up to that task right now. But here’s a bit o’ info. Saturday, we’ll be shooting the film A Piece Of My Eternal Life. So…Here’s hoping everything goes well. Anyways, I’m already getting tired of typing. I’ll try to catch up on everything more and more as I go along. But, I’m returning to my regularly scheduled programming!

Updates…Not much in the way of updates. I moved a few files around to make some things cleaner and better accessible for me. But, I did add a new skin today. You can check it out in the Skins section. Or just click below to go right to it.

A Buffy layout skin