Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Another day gone by in the Life of Justin Tadlock. Of course, another typical Wednesday. School. Work. Computer. Smallville. Alias was off the air, so a slight change. Actually, I was a bit ticked off with the Smallville tonight. You can hear some of my anger voiced in the Forum. I didn’t write too much. I was too disappointed with Alicia’s death. I may have acted rather rashly with my review with the episode, but I’ll have to stand by it.

Good news found out today! I got my first German exam back. And I made a 100! Can’t beat that. The teacher said the tests would get harder, and that generally, people done the best on the first test. Though, I have found throughout my years in college that the first test is the most crucial. You have to study extra hard for it, because you usually don’t know what the test is going to be like, even with a study guide or test outline. So, it’s very important that you put in the study time for the first test. Okay, now the bad news: I have my first Biology exam at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Bummer (for lack of a better word). Then I have a Political Economy & another German test next week. So, I’ll be busy putting in some study time.

Well, that’s enough of school talk. But, that’s almost all I have to talk about these days. I’ll be going home this weekend. So there won’t be any updates or blogs for at least Friday. I haven’t decided if I was going to stay all weekend or one night. Probably just one night though. I have to go home to get my Mom’s tax forms so I can do my Financial Aid report for next year. Look at me, school talk again. I think I should just stop this nonsense now…

Updates…Not much in the way of updates. I did add one picture today. It’s a piece of Keira Knightley work, which can be found in the Art section. I also organized some files in there. Anyways, keep checking back for these wonderful updates.