Still Finding Style

Once again, I am updating this ol’ site. I finally caved in and decided to go with WordPress as my official sponsor in this little weblog spot here. It’s just easier to manage the blogs. I almost went back and tried the PHP Nuke Web Portal again. I think I want to come up with my own web portal. Well…one that suits me better. I actually enjoy drudging through code for countless hours sometimes. It gives me something to do. Going to a content management system may just not work as well. But, I may need it when I launch, if I ever do launch it, my Internet Television Network.

Speaking of which, I plan on doing some day. I would like to play a full season of A Day In The Life come this fall. And I would also like to have another series up and running. It’s going to take lots of work and time spent that’s not here playing with the blog-spot.

I hope you enjoy the changes in the site. There’s going to be lots of great updates in the future, so keep checking back and reading this little area.

Words of Wisdom: At one point in my life I had thought that there were limits on the universe. Limits on possibilities. There couldn’t be any way that just plain ol’ anything could happen. Well, there came a day when that changed. That day was the day John May said Pacey Whitter had mad game…