A Neverending Theme Plus Life & Stuff

I’m 21 years old. Twenty-one.

I get this feeling, sometimes, that life is just passing me by. There’s so many things I would like to do within my lifetime. I think a lot of it is just that whole seeing-young-celebs-become-famous-before-I-do-thing. Even still, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in the last few years. Back when I was in high school I was on the fast track to becoming somebody, doing something with my life. Now, I’m just sitting here, typing. Okay, sitting here doing less than that most of the time. Watching television, playing video games, fixing up my website, or just staring into space. I could go on all night about this, and eventually try to rationalize the point to the universe, coming up with a blank mind and nothing but nothingness to show for it.

Anyways, I’ve been updating the site a bit. I got a new theme/design/skin (whatever you’d like to call it). It’s another Alyson Michalka skin. It’s not quite finished just yet…Or I may be…I haven’t totally decided…I’ll probably do some more work on it. I’ve just spent way to much time on it so far. I tried to make a fluid 2-column layout, and that didn’t pan out. That’s what actually took so much time. Everything just seems so bland. Using skins messes up my design ideas, sometimes. Mostly because all the pages are gutted-out to the bare essentials. Actually, it’s just me, I still have a way to go in learning CSS. And this is coming at a time when I thought I’d almost mastered it. Well, was I wrong? There’s so much more to it than I had known.

Well…It seems that the day is coming to another end, especially considering that I needed to be in bed 2 1/2 hours ago.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t let life just go by. Take advantage of opportunities, even ones that might not seem so interesting at the moment. And don’t spend too much time thinking about the past, the ups or downs, and seize those moments that you have now.