I definitely have lots and lots of stuff I can blog about.
Looks like I’ll be heading home tomorrow. My Aunt Barbara passed away Friday at 7:15 am. It’s been a good while coming. She had cancer. I believe it was bone cancer, because they had gotten rid of the breast cancer. Whichever it may be, we all knew it would one day come. I’m glad I got the chance to spend a little time with her the last time I went back home. Luckily for me, Shannon, her son went to get a biscuit for her (from town) and had been gone for 2 hours. I had planned on stopping by to see him and get my Angel Season 5 DVD back from him. I stayed about an hour or so and just chatted with her. It was mostly a conversation about the Western DVDs she had bought online. It’s sad to see her go, especially knowing that my own dad is only a few years younger than her. I’ve been thinking about the phrase passed away over the past few years, being close to death on quite a few occasions. It just doesn’t sound right to me when I say passed away. I prefer the term died, but that sounds a little disrespectful. But, I use the word died. I just can’t bring myself to say passed away. So to my Aunt Barbara: May you find peace in your afterlife.

I finally finished up my short I done with Shannon. It’s called Sweatin’. It’s just a random idea I had when I heard this song I had got from An image popped into my head of that old Rocky song, I think it’s Eye of the Tiger, but I could be wrong. You can view the short film HERE. I haven’t gotten the official site all put together just yet, because I’ve spent most of the night finishing up this film. It’s not really good quality video, since we shot it just before dark and without any additional lighting. And, also, I couldn’t find an extension cord long enough to move the camera around, so I was just sitting in one spot filming. I won’t talk to much on the production and stuff right now, I’ll save that for the official site.

Anyways, I need to get on in bed. I’ve got lots of stuff to do tomorrow.