10,000 Hits And A Step Forward In Design

There’s not much to say today. I did surpass 10,000 hits though. And I had like the most guestbook entries ever for me in one day! Of course, they were all spammers. Luckily, this little guestbook of mine blocks that stuff out. Then I go in and take away their web address and write them a little note. You know, in case they come back. Basically it’s a way for me to try and be humorous.

I also put a little work into the website that I’m designing, for what I’m now calling, The Autism Project. I think it looks good, considering I have no information yet to put into it. It’s just a basic template. You can view it at Autism.Dark-Autumn.com. Obviously, it still needs a good bit of work. But nothing that can’t be fixed without a little content and a nifty banner. Anyways, I think that’s it for tonight. It’s about time I cook some fries, watch an episode of Joan of Arcadia, and hop in the sack.