Browser Compliant

Where do I start? It’s been a Long Day and a Long Night. I’ve been updating the site. Again, yes, again. I have been doing this since about 4:30, and I’ve only taken about a 2 hour break in that time. Basically, I’ve been working on making it compliant with Netscape and Firefox since those are the next 2 most commonly used browsers outside of Internet Explorer, and I always make it work in Internet Explorer. Only the Dark Stream design works in all three. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back and change all the other designs. That could take a while. But, I will make sure to make the designs work with at least these 3 browsers from here on out.

I’ll probably leave the Dark Stream theme as the default for now on. There were many complications in making this design fit with these browsers, but I won’t go into all of them. I did learn that lists vary differently from browser to browser. It’s the margin and padding rules that mess things up. Some browsers indent with margin and others with padding. That took quite a while to figure out. There are a couple of ways around that. I should write a tutorial on this someday. I actually think the site looks a little better in Netscape and Firefox because of an aligment fix that I had to perform in order to make them work. But, it’s not much of a difference.

I won’t post on everything else about my day tonight. It’s well past my bedtime.