By Golly, I Will Write

Man, I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ve been sitting here for a while working on my style sheet for this site. Basically, I have been tidying up the CSS with comments, changing the capital letters to lowercase letters, and organizing the code into a more readable state. I’m getting ready for a move to XHTML. I decided to do this because it is the route that web development is taking. I have to move along with the times. Since I decided on this change, I will have to go through and uncapitalize all the uppercase letters in my tags throughout my entire website. Yeah, it is going to take some time. This is a project that won’t get finished any time soon. But, I don’t want to bore you with talk of coding the website.

Don’t forget, in less than 24 hours National Novel Writing Month will begin. I plan to sit down at 12 o’clock midnight and begin writing. I may not get much done, but I will write. By golly, I will write something down on paper. By golly? I will begin to write the Great Southern American Novel. 50,000 words.

The Great Southern American Novel by Justin Tadlock. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?