The Gatekeepers

I have decided to write in my little notepad my entries for my website. This way I can keep posting on the happenings of Thanksgiving week and then post them up when I get back to the luxury of my own home.

I didn’t really feel like writing much tonight simply because I feel totally drained, but I’ll try to present a few note-worthy comments. I read through to page 119 of The Gatekeepers by Jacques Steinberg tonight. So far, it has been quite an interesting read. The basis of the book is set at Weselyan College (or University or something, I forgot its exact name). Steinberg gets to sit in on the 9-month long journey of one of the eight admissions officers of the premier college and observe the process of allowing high school seniors fill its limited seats. I never realized what goes into the process before covering the first half of this book, and if the second half is near as good as the first, I expect to be even more shocked as the revelations unfold.

Anyways, that’s a bit of what I’ve been doing today, other than the drive home and the writing of the epilogue of my novel, Creek Hill. So, until…you know the drill.