Site Paths & Last Day Of Finals

I must write this blog before I head off to bed. Well, I really have to write this blog to make myself go to bed. See, I always write right before I go to bed. That way, if I want to post about something, there will be nothing left to post after I do the posting. I don’t want anything to happen between the time I blog and the time I finish the day. It’s a habit I’ve developed. Sometimes, it’s just a way for me to get things off of my mind before I get that always-needed shuteye.

So now I’m rambling about blogging again, for the second night in the row. I’ll cut that part of the post short.

One good thing…let me rephrase that…One Wonderful thing that happened today was a realization I came to about website development. I’ve always heard these things about relative paths and absolute paths and whatever. I never really gave it much attention. Lately, I’ve been trying to get the site running as fast as it can: cutting back on file size, image size, cleaning up code, etc. The thing that has made it run slow is how I’ve been linking to parts of the site. I’ve been doing the whole coding out like this, for example: when I should have been just putting /art . It’s as simple as that, and the site is running much smoother. Of course, I’ve had to go through all of the files and change all of the links and includes and all kinds of stuff. I haven’t finished completely cleaning it all up yet. That may take a few days to catch every little mistake.

Tomorrow (or should I say today) is my last day of finals. And yes, I should have been studying for those all night instead of working on the site and losing precious sleep. It’s not a big deal though. Most of the stuff is of the either-you-read-it-or-you-didn’t variety. I might give a breakdown on each class and its highs and lows sometime or another, just depends on my mood. I plan to anyway.

That leaves me at the end of this post. I’m off to get a few hours of sleep before my big day.