Opera Fix & Menu System

I have figured out why the Opera Browser hasn’t been working correctly with my site. It is because it doesn’t display the float property right. However, they have fixed this problem with their new browser, Opera 9.0. The new browser isn’t totally finished, but you can still download it. When I got the browser it worked perfectly. There was no big gap at the bottom of the page. Now, the site is viewable in many different browsers. This has been one of my main goals recently, to have the site not only valid XHTML Strict 1.0, but also viewable across multiple browsers. Now, I have a working site with:

I have figured out, also, what I am going to do with the menu system. I will make five generic, but not actually generic, just not specific, divs. That way, if I want to go in and change what’s on the menu (ie: headers) I can simply do that without having to reset all of my style sheets. It will take away from the site, graphically, a little bit because I won’t be able to design the words for the headers in my graphics program. They will have to be plain ol’ text. So, I’ll have to make the background images for them really good, I suppose.

Anyways, I wanted to give a quick update, though it’s getting a bit long now, before I went to bed. So, until I leave another late-night (or early morning) blog…