My Database Is Down

What does this mean? Well, I can’t run Wordpress on my website right now. Which kind of sucks. So, I wanted a temporary solution. Well, I found one at ApeJet Blog. For now, this will be my blogging software. At least until Yahoo fixes my database or whatever.

What’s neat about ApeJet is that it doesn’t require a database. Of course, that leaves off many other functions that it could have. I think I would have actually used this if I hadn’t found Wordpress first because I was looking for something very simple to use and to, especially, integrate into the site.

Anyway, I’m tired of playing around with the script now. I’ve spent the entire weekend so far trying to fix stuff.

A few notes before I go:
Parts of this page many not validate as XHTML because of the ApeJet Blog. As I said before, this is a temporary fix.
I couldn’t figure out where or how to post the correct time with each post, so I will just post it at the end of this page for reference. Or, if you prefer, just subtract 5 hours from the time at the top of the post to get the correct time. Well, I figured out a little solution to the problem of displaying the correct date and time. Now, that’s fixed.