Another Post About Site Problems

Okay, now my database seems to up and running fine. It did go down for a few minutes earlier tonight. It was enough minutes to make me go ahead and purchase a hosting account with Site5. I’m thinking of transferring my site to them, but I haven’t decided yet. I might just use it as a backup site, in case the database goes down on this one. Of course, if my database goes down again, I might just be through with Yahoo. I’ll just have to wait and see if this becomes a major problem.

To top off a weekend of frustration, I was working with some new plugins for Wordpress, and some of them didn’t even work right. Another wasted night fooling with this site.

So, yet again, I’m up later than I should be. But, that’s inevitable. So, I hope my blog will pertain to something other than fixing this site for the next few days.