Event Staff Job Probably Won't Work Out

There’s always a multitude of topics I can discuss at the end of the day; but, as usual, I have failed to leave myself adequate time to post about them before going to bed. I will, however, talk about my new job with the CSC Event Staff.

Today was the first day to call and schedule myself to work for Auburn’s game next Saturday. Now, before I begin I must say that I was told that I should call in on Tuesday (10:30 - 5:00) the week before the game, and get on the schedule to work, any shift.

So, of course I called right at 10:30.
No answer.
I call back five minutes later.
No answer.
Again at 10:40 and again at 10:45 with no answer either time.

By this time I had to go to class. I called back at 12:30 after class was over. I finally got someone. It was Sheika (or however you spell her name, I’m not really sure). I told her I wanted to work the 12 hour Friday night shift. She told me my report time was 5:30. Okay, I’ll be there. Then, she said to report Saturday at 2:45. And, I was like, huh.

To make a long, boring story a bit briefer, I was told that I had to work on Saturday at the game, completely going against what I was told at orientation by the head of the Auburn CSC branch. I went ahead and told her I’d work Friday night and Saturday at the game. Now, I’m having definite second thoughts though. Well, I had second thoughts during that moment in the phone conversation, but I didn’t want to get into with a supervisor before I even started my first day of work. Plus, I haven’t like her since I first went in to fill out an application. I get the impression that she is a little more than racist, and I was only hired because they probably had to meet some quota when hiring white people. But, I won’t get into that. It’s really a moot point in relation to the problem at hand.

The situation is that I have season football tickets (home games) that I purchased for $95. Now, I could have cancelled these tickets had I known that I would have to work at the actual game. My plan was to work the night before, go home, get some rest, then go to the game on Saturday. I can’t cancel the tickets now. Well, I can, but I won’t get a refund. So, if they won’t let me work the schedule that I had envisioned, then I guess I just won’t be working with them. It’s not like I need the money that bad anyway. Plus, I could probably use the extra time to relax. I just wanted to try out something new.