Angels & Demons

Dan Brown. He’s the guy that finally got me interested in reading again. I picked up his The Da Vinci Code in the late summer after a two month break from reading any novels. He’s a thrill writer. He’s the kind of writer that makes you remember what reading is all about. Sheer pleasure.

I actually like this novel better than The Da Vinci Code. Although, that may be because it’s a little fresher on my mind. The book itself almost got a little long-winded with the plot twists in the end, but it was well worth it.

One of the things that I’ve been wanting to explore lately is religion. So, I’ve been teetering away at Dan Brown novels. Obviously not the best source, considering it is fiction. However, Brown has definitely peaked my interest. The one thing I learned from this novel that I’ve wanted to explore the most is different pathways to religion. Science, touted as anti-religious, is seen as another pathway to God in this novel. And why not? Can’t God be reached in more ways than a what a particular church tells us? Brown asks this question through his fiction.

Whether you’re interested in religion or science or neither one, this novel is still a worthwile read. Brown is captivating as always. There’s plenty of plot twists, so prepare yourself to not know what’s going to happen, which is, essentially, what books are about—flipping the page to find out how a journey unfolds.