Fall TV On DVD

Fall TV is upon us. For those of you like me that means TV on DVD, probably the greatest invention in my lifetime. Forget the future when we’ll all be in flying cars with no need for gas and have robotic maids. TV on DVD is and will forever be [warning: cliché] the best thing since sliced bread.

So far, I’ve managed to pick up seven sets:

  1. Desperate Housewives: Season 2
  2. Lost: Season 2
  3. Nip/Tuck: Season 2 (still catching up)
  4. Supernatural: Season 1
  5. Veronica Mars: Season 2
  6. VIP: Season 1
  7. Weeds: Season 1

I’ve been in TV on DVD watching frenzy. When I’m not at school, at work, doing homework, or here on the Net, I’m busy flying through a season of television. It’s hard to keep up with all the new sets popping up every week. Aside from football, this is why the late summer/early fall is my favorite time of the year.

And I still have a good number of sets left to get as the TV on DVD season continues.

  1. Alias: Season 5 - November 21
  2. Carnivàle: Season 2 - Released
  3. Charmed: Season 6 - October 17
  4. Joan of Arcadia: Season 2 - November 28
  5. Nip/Tuck: Season 3 - Released
  6. O.C., The: Season 3 - October 24
  7. One Tree Hill: Season 3 - September 26
  8. Scrubs: Season 4 - October 10
  9. Smallville: Season 5 - Released

Not only do I have these titles to get, but I still have to catch up on King of the Hill and The Sopranos. I’m definitely looking forward to picking up Season 5 of Smallville this weekend. The only reason I don’t have it yet is because I’m still watching Supernatural.

But, enough about what I’m watching. I’m just excited about the next few months. Now, if only I could have this kind of enthusiasm about school…