The Fall

I don’t know what it is about the fall that makes me want to write so much. Maybe it’s that long break over the summer in which I do next to nothing. Getting excited about school again. And trust me, I do get excited about school when fall semester kicks in.

There seems to be this need to express myself. Maybe it’s that need to go back once again, back to high school. Some of my greatest memories stem from the falls in high school. Football, Halloween, homecoming, some carnival thing we had every year that I can’t think the name of. I had my first kiss in the fall. I scored my first touchdown in the fall.

A part of me misses that. There seemed to be a sense of community and of love in the cooling air. But, a part of me wants to see what the future falls bring. I want to dance in the colored leaves of a new place, a new time. I want to eat cotton candy, kiss, and breathe the air in it. I want to smell the barbecued-smoke and football grass. I want to keep my freezing hands wrapped around a mug by a campfire. I want to feel autumn around me in a new way. I want to write about these things.

I’ve always said that summer was my favorite season. Why? Because of no school, I’d tell you. But, my heart is in the fall. There’s experience in the changing season. There’s hope. Fall has always been the start of the new year for me. A new school year. A new football season. A new hope. And most importantly, a new experience.