Yes, another college movie about partying and all the fun you’ll have when you’re there.

But, is there something more? I would go as far as saying there is. While, for the most part, this is another rehash of the onslaught of college movies that we’ve seen for the past five years, this movie does offer something a little different. You can be creative outside of conventional standards.

There’s something to be said about freedom from the traditional academic rigors of college and the same ol’ boring lectures. Where this movie really shines is its theme that centers on creativity.

Uncle Ben (Lewis Black), who lands a job at South Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT), sums up what college is precisely,

Look, we throw a lot of fancy words in front of these kids in order to attract them to going to school in the belief that they’re gonna have a better life, and we know that all we’re doing is breeding a whole new generation of buyers and sellers, BUYERS AND SELLERS! Pimps and whores, PIMPS AND WHORES! and indoctrinating them into a life long hell of debt and indecision!

At least, that’s one way to put it.

Bartelby Gaines (Justin Long) is rejected by every college that he applied to. Not to dissapoint his parents he creates a fake website and acceptance letter from South Harmon with the help of his friend who got into the elite Ohio university Harmon, Sherman Schrader (Jonah Hill). Without realizing it, his one-click acceptance on the South Harmon website lands him a few hundred students at orientation. So, he did what he had to do. He accepted their first semester’s tuition and began a nontraditional college.

What ensues is plenty of laughs and academic nonconformism where fun and creativity are celebrated.

I don’t mean to hype up the movie too much because it is full of the usual run-of-the-mill college movie stunts to keep your attention. But, there is a message here that is worth hearing, even if it’s only for a one-night rental.