$24 Dollars In My Pocket - Waiting On My Loan

I bet you’re glad I’m finished reviewing books for a while. My Official Week Of Book Reviews turned into two weeks of book reviews.

Thankfully, I’ve finished writing about all the books I’ve read lately. I started reading Citizen Cyborg by James Hughes this week. But, I’m really ready to get back into some fiction. Maybe I’ll read James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: School’s Out—Forever next.

I’ve been sitting here reading other people’s blogs for an hour, wondering what I would post about tonight. And I still have no idea. Well, here’s a few things that have been going on in my life:

On the Friday before last, I mailed some loan documents for school that I had to sign. I even went to the Post Office to make sure everything would be perfect. Well, what happens to my mail? It never makes it. That leaves me lacking a couple thousand dollars for bills and books.

I actually had enough grant money left over to pay my rent six months in advance, and I bought my books on my credit card, thinking that my loan money would come in soon. Now, I’m three weeks into school, and I have no money.

Today, I went back to the post office, and sent my documents through priority mail. I even got one of those Internet tracker codes, so I can keep up with where my package is and when it’s delivered. That was an extra 50 cents.

So, I hope I’ll have some money soon. It’s kind of hard living with only $24, and first-of-the-month bills coming. And it’ll be next Friday before I get my next check from work.

I think I’ll be glad when I graduate, and get a real job that pays real money. Of course, I’ll just have more bills then.

Okay, that’s the most exciting thing going on in my life. I could write about the every single detail of my school and work day, but that would be boring to you and to me.

So, I’m going to log off, and get ready for another day. Everyone pray that my loan check comes in soon. My Time subscription is about to run out, and I must have my weekly dosage of events. Otherwise, I might not know what’s going on in the world.