Time To Leave Yahoo?

Okay, so I’ve completely reconstructed this entire site. And it only took me two days to do it.

I’m now using my Wordpress software to control about 90 percent of my pages. I was set against it for so long, only using Wordpress for the blog part of the site. But, I got tired of all the old folders lying around in my domain directory. I had to clean that mess up.

Now, I have a problem. Well, I’ve known about the problem for quite a while, but it didn’t matter so much when I only had my blog running with Wordpress. The problem is that each page is “http://justintadlock.com” followed by “/wordpress/index.php/page-name.” I would rather have it followed by “/page-name.” Yes, that’s a lot less messy. This is called “pretty permalinks” in blogger terminology.

Yahoo Webhosting doesn’t allow that with Wordpress. They won’t let you upload what’s called an “.htaccess” file. This is what would make my page names look a whole lot better.

I’m now looking for another host for my site. I think I might try out GoDaddy. Does anyone know if they’re a good host? Or you can always recommend another host.

I’m reluctant to leave Yahoo because I’ve been with them since my Geocities’ days. They’ve been my host since April of 2003. I really like their control panel and its ease of use. Plus, I’m just familiar with it. Sure, I’ve had a few problems before, but nothing that wasn’t taken care of. But, it looks like it might be time to leave.

Since I have updated the site, feel free to browse for a while. If you do browse and happen to come upon a broken link or image, please let me know (except for people’s names under the film section, I’m still working on some of them). I’ve updated quite a few pages in the last two days. I’ve already caught a few errors myself.