My Website Is Finally Moved

This has been a long and painful process, but I’ve switched hosting accounts from Yahoo to GoDaddy.

Now, I’m happy.

The site has been running faster and smoother than it ever has before. Even my archives are loading up in like 1 to 2 seconds, which has never happened for me before.

I had a few problems transferring everything over. Something I talked about in the last post. Today, I had a problem with the PHP include function. It turns out, that you have to add some special root directory beginning to them. Like, if I include “/page-name,” I have to add some other stuff in the front of it. That took a while to figure out.

Right now, I’m still on a bug hunt. So, if you’re looking around, please comment on this post if you find anything that goes wrong. As far as I know, everything’s working fine, but I can never be sure until I go through every file on this entire site—a process that’ll take a while.

I’m really enjoying the “pretty permalinks” now too. That’s definitely a plus.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back on my regular blogging schedule, and no one will have to read about me switching hosts for a while.