Website Move A Little Rocky

I’m starting to move this site over to It’ll probably take a few days to get this finished, but I’m working on it.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, it wouldn’t hurt to change your link to for the next few days Okay, I’ve updated, and you can leave your links at I’ve already moved my blog over there.

I did have some trouble though. My first thought was that I was simply going to export my “.sql” file from my database, then import it to my database with my new hosting account. Well, that didn’t work. I kept getting an error while importing it. And, instead of upgrading to Wordpress 2.1 here, I was going to leave this hosting account at the ol’ 2.0 while updating my new hosting account to 2.1.

Here’s the funny thing. After about three hours of uploading and deleting files, trying to get things working right, I found out that version 2.1 has an XML import/export feature that lets you move one Wordpress blog to another. That would’ve saved me loads of time tonight and this past weekend.

I do have a few problems with my export to 2.1, but nothing too serious. The export just put some pages under the wrong parent page, and didn’t export some at all. However, all my posts and comments seemed to have made the transition smoothly.

Another problem I have is with this site right now. I’m getting a “500 Internal Server Error” while trying to access any of the pages. The posts and comments are still working though.

I’m not going to try to fix this since I’m moving this site. So, I would suggest not trying to access anything other than the blog posts and comments.

Once again, go check out to have access to all my pages. Updated. In the next few days, everything should be running like I never made the transition at all.