So, I’m a little behind on blogging. Almost three months behind to be a bit more exact.

I’m not exactly sure where to start, but I’ll come out with the big news first. I’m going to Seoul, South Korea to teach English for a year. Yes, pretty big news.

I had somewhat of an epiphany today. I was leaving my grandparents’ house to visit my mom and younger siblings when I passed a sign in someone’s front yard that said “Happy 90th Birthday!” A few miles down the road, there was another sign that read, “Slow: Funeral Zone.” It was easy to notice that one family was celebrating life and the other death. This doesn’t deal directly with where my life is, but it gave me a feeling that I needed to feel—I need to start living my life.

Living life has sort of been my theme lately. “L-I-V-I-N.” I always think of that line from Dazed and Confused when I say “living life.”

Let’s get back to the story at hand. A few months ago (when I was graduating from college), I happened to apply for a job through G’Day Korea. At this point in the job application process, I was pretty much applying for anything and everything. I basically told myself that it looks cool, but I’ll never get it. However, I applied anyway. Two months later, I got a call for an interview. Now, I’ll soon board a plane and my world will change forever.

Aside from the “big” news, I worked as a vendor for Storelink (a retail group under The Home Depot) for six weeks in Atlanta, Ga. My sister got me the job. Actually, two hours after being hired for that job, I got the call for an interview with G’Day Korea.

I’ve seen the Georgia Aquarium, toured the CNN Center, and attended my first Atlanta Braves baseball game. I’ve learned to hate Atlanta traffic and appreciate the traffic back home because I can make a 30-mile drive quicker than a 10-mile drive in Atlanta. I’ve read more than 10 books, which I plan on reviewing at some point in the future. I’ve knocked out a few new TV seasons on DVD (I’m totally addicted to 24 now).

I could continue listing things I’ve done this summer, but it wouldn’t amount to much compared to the upcoming trip to South Korea.

A few details about my trip:
The school is located in Seoul, South Korea.
I’ll teach for a year with an opportunity to renew.
I’m leaving in the next few days.
I’ll make decent money and my rent is free.
As far as I know, I’ll teach 7-12-year-old kids.
I’m excited and I’ll keep regular updates about my life here on the blog.

There’s no way I can tell you what to expect in the coming months of my life because I don’t know what to expect. I don’t have all the details, and that makes me feel a bit relieved. I feel like I’m about to embark on the greatest adventure I’ll ever have. I’m ready to take that first step on my journey into the unknown. I can only hope that it exceeds my expectations.

Until next time (whether from South Korea or Alabama, which I hope I’ll have time to blog before I leave)…